Penteract Press is now accepting submissions for its first anthology: Tentatively titled “Concrete and Constraint”, the collection will present a selection of visual and constrained poetry. More specifically, we are looking for:

CONCRETE— Visual poetry that places an emphasis on geometric forms and experimental glyphic representations, or on structurally innovative manipulations of existing texts. Please note that the book will be full colour, with pages no wider than 148mm.

CONSTRAINT—Lettristic restrictions, such as lipograms, palindromes, anagrams and their variants; verbal, phonetic and semantic restrictions; procedural or computational experiments; and innovative uses of traditional meter and form.

Combinations of aspects of the above are most welcome, too….

Please send up to seven poems to The deadline is 31st August 2018, and all submissions will be responded to before September 30th. Unpublished works are preferred, but we are happy to read pieces adapted from (or from the same series as) published poems, as well as those previously published online or in a different context.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Anthony & Clara

Penteract Press


***A Note on Contributor Payments***

As this is our first venture of this kind, contributor payments will be dependent on how well the anthology is received: Each contributor will, initially, receive one copy of the anthology, with the opportunity to purchase up to 25 additional copies at 33% of the retail price. We appreciate this is not ideal, and we would love to provide more author copies, but we are heavily restricted by mailing costs, especially given the expected international diversity of our contributors—Once our costs for the first two print runs have been covered, we shall be changing the payment to a percentage of subsequent sales, such that each contributor earns an equal share of 50% of the retail price, paid annually.