I Numb Rage, In Umbrage - Mike Maguire

“Employing a unidirectional, letter-based constraint, the poems I Numb Rage and In Umbrage are ‘redividers’: Spelled the same way, they are transformed into two distinct, complementary works by their spacing.”

About the author...

Mike Maguire sometimes takes photos in his home city of Washington, DC, and cowrote the 2012 feature film Ultrasonic. His first full-length novel, Three Days Breathing, was published in electronic form in January 2016. The latest print edition of his book of palindrome-based poetry, Drawn Inward, was nearly twenty years in the making and published in June 2016. He is slated to compete in the 2017 World Palindrome Championship. When he’s not writing, he enjoys terribly loud music, as well as wandering through cities and the occasional forest.


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