Penteract Press is now open to submissions of poetry manuscripts, with the aim of publishing 9-12 new titles every year.


We are looking for manuscripts up to 100 pages in length. Books will be produced in full-colour, perfect-bound editions either A5-size or 148mm square.

We are interested in—

Formal Poetry: Traditional poetic forms, composed according to metrical rules: Sonnets, villanelles, sestinas, triolets, rondels, etc., as well as new forms exhibiting an organised and consistent structure.

Constrained Poetry: Poetry written using lexical, lettristic and/or conceptual constraints: Restricted vocabularies, alphabets and rhythms. Oulipian constraints. Computer-generated poetry.

Visual Poetry: Any poetry that treads the line between verse and the visual arts: Asemic experiments and manipulations of letterforms. Conceptual abstractions and distortions of existing texts. Typewritten and calligraphic art.


Please send manuscripts, in .pdf or .docx formats, to We have no requirements with respect to typeface and font size. Purely visual pieces may be submitted as .png, .jpg or .tiff. If you are submitting images, please ensure that their resolution is 300dpi or higher.

Please include a cover letter answering the following questions (submissions lacking a cover letter will be discarded unread):

1/ What are the structural properties of your manuscript?—For formal and constrained works, please tell us which forms and/or constraints you have employed. For visual works, offer a brief description of what you have tried to achieve with regard to form.

2/ Why is your manuscript a good fit for Penteract Press?—Tell us which of our past publications have resonated with you, and why. (We do expect you to have purchased at least one publication from our store, and to be familiar with poets from our leaflet/nanopamphlet series.)

3/ Have any parts of the current manuscript been published elsewhere, and are those publications still in print?—This won’t affect your chances with us, but we’d like to know.


Penteract Press does not, and will never, discriminate based on race, gender, sexuality, disability, nationality, or religious beliefs. We promise to discriminate based solely on two things: 1/ Our subjective judgment of the quality of submitted manuscripts, and 2/ the suitability of these manuscripts to our press’s theme and present plans.

We do believe, however, that when a manuscript is accepted, poet and publisher enter into a partnership. As the publisher supports and promotes its poet, so the poet must support their press. Small press publishing demands a lot of work, with little remuneration—most small presses, including Penteract, are working a labour of love. Our survival depends on publishing committed and loyal poets. If this isn’t you, then, for all our sakes, do not apply.


All submissions will be responded to within one month of their submission. If you do not hear back from us in this time, please get in touch.

We have drafted the most basic, formal rejection letter. This is not from laziness, but rather to keep all rejections equal. We apologise in advance for its brevity and detachment. Furthermore, if your manuscript has been rejected, know that this is more likely a result of suitability to our current plans, than a judgment on quality.

If your work is accepted — congratulations! We intend to publish 9-12 books per year, with 3-4 coming each March, June/July, and October. Since competition is so tight, please note that if we accept your work, and you do not reply to our acceptance email within 20 days, we must assume that you are no longer interested in working with us, and our acceptance of your manuscript will be withdrawn.

For accepted manuscripts, author payments will be based on the following model: In the first instance, the author will receive 5 copies, with the opportunity to purchase more from us, at a 50% discount. Once the book has reached 100 sales from the Penteract Press store (including those purchased by the author), the author will receive 15% of the money accrued from future sales (to be paid annually).