Abstract//Proof - Florence Lenaers

Abstract//Proof - Florence Lenaers


From the author: "The body of this poem is an overwrite of an existing text. As a constraint, I deliberately chose a text for its being unpoetic: the original "body" is a scientific abstract I wrote last year for an oral presentation. My plan was to squeeze a second text out of this abstract. Amusingly, this procedure evolved into a "proof" of a statement I borrow from my companion: "Physicists do physics. Poets do poetry. Which is more or less the same thing." I finally incorporated this aspect in the text as its abstract — an abstract of an abstract: things come full circle."


About the author...

Florence Lenaers is a usurper—a physics PhD student pretending to be a poet, or perhaps the other way around. When not meddling with words, she weaves tales of atoms trapped in cages of light & castles of magnetic field lines at the University of Liège (Belgium). She tweets as @flloaers.

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