fragile armies - Kate Siklosi

fragile armies - Kate Siklosi


"From the author: In my work I see letraset—in its fragility as a vintage medium but also its steadfast appearance on the page—as a feminine poetic praxis. Here I'm thinking alongside the work of feminist theorist Sara Ahmed who argues that fragility can be a source of connection and affinity between those deemed “too easily breakable." So, in these handcrafted, kaleidoscopic, care-full pomes, a sort of fragile army emerges from the language locked within and without."

About the Author...

Kate Siklosi is a Toronto writer, scholar, and business witch. She is the author of three chapbooks of poetry: po po poems (above/ground press, 2018), may day (no press, 2018), and coup (The Blasted Tree, 2018) and is the co-founding editor of Gap Riot Press, a neat little feminist experimental poetry small press.

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