The Great Silence - Ken Hunt

The Great Silence - Ken Hunt


”The term ‘the great silence’ refers to the portion of the Fermi Paradox which confronts the fact that we are yet to encounter clear evidence of extra-terrestrial civilisations. This poem explores the notion that species, existing in our universe but separated from one another by stretches of time and space, can be compared to unlucky actors of unrequited love. Though we search for contact, such contact will likely never occur. Through a series of couplets, ‘The Great Silence’ meditates upon this melancholic thought using various similes, constructing a portrait of a notion perhaps even more universally tragic than any doomed encounter between two organisms”.

About the author...

Ken Hunt’s writing has appeared in Chromium Dioxide, No Press, Matrix and Freefall. For three years, Ken served as managing editor of NōD Magazine, and for one year, he served as poetry editor of filling Station. Ken holds an MA in English from Concordia University, and is the founder of Spacecraft Press, an online publisher of experimental writing inspired by science and technology. His first book of poetry, Space Administration, was published by the LUMA Foundation in 2014. His second book of poetry, The Lost Cosmonauts, is forthcoming from Book*hug in the fall of 2018. Ken is a PhD candidate at the University of Western Ontario.

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