The Nature of the Physical Word - Calliope Michail

The Nature of the Physical Word - Calliope Michail


"These poems are part of a project that takes whimsical pleasure in the act of defacing and ornamenting a science-based text; stripping it of its rational and linear integrity, abstracting it, or transforming it altogether, through erasure and water colours. Each page, taken from Sir Arthur Eddington's The Nature of the Physical World (1928), functions as an individual unit and was created directly on the book itself, with different motivations and constraints applied to each."

About the Author...

Calliope Michail is a poet and translator based in London. Her poetry, translations, and other writings, have appeared in Snow Lit Rev., Berfrois, and Queen Mobs Teahouse, and her first chapbook, Along Mosaic Roads (the87press), was published in 2018. She occasionally tweets and retweets @catonacanto.

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