Voler: To Steal and Fly - Rachel Smith

Voler: To Steal and Fly - Rachel Smith


"The title of this work makes reference to Hélène Cixous’ écriture féminine where she describes women’s writing as both taking flight and jumbling or disorienting the order of space. Simultaneously acting as birds and robbers, both meanings are held in the translation of the word voler.  Pages are stolen from another work (Lines of Flight: exploring Deleuze’s rhizomatic in an artist-book, made as part of AMBruno project [sic] see: http://ambruno.co.uk/sic.html) and released for flight in a performative diagrammatic action, tracing the lines made in a continual search for meaning.."

About the Author...

Rachel Smith, artist and educator, lives in Sheffield. She is currently researching a Fine Art Ph.D Drawing out Language at Sheffield Hallam University. Her work explores the territory between art, art writing, and conceptual writing. Rachel has exhibited widely, showing work as part of Bury Text Festival, and the Phantom Exhibition at Anglia Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge. Most recently she has been the artist in residence at University of Sheffield, collaborating with the humanities department. (Web: http://rachelartsmith.blogspot.co.uk twitter: @rachelartsmith).

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