What Do You Know - Whiskey Radish

What Do You Know - Whiskey Radish


"This leaflet is part of a larger work, ii° (pronounced “diminished minor second”), a meta-poetic, loosely-sequential, cartoon story that centers around two people, you and Char, taking a very long walk in a large city. Along the way, Char asks questions about music, poetry, and the experience of being a cartoon (“cartoon life”).  You encounter a variety of characters, who enter and exit, as if in a dream. From time to time, something akin to fragments of a fairy-tale interrupt the story, as do friendly public service announcements. It’s a tale of trash, rats, cats, homeless folk, and scattered unimportant objects, none of which advance any kind of plot; instead, they serve to conjure an inspiration, illuminating another “brand” of life, similar to the quotidian, only more hallucinatory and absurd—it’s a side of reality that I believe we can all tap into, if we wish. The book is inspired in part by Breton’s Nadja."

About the author...

Whiskey Radish lives and works in Concord, MA, where she frequently visits the graves of Hawthorne, Ralph Waldo Emerson,  Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Sidney, and Ephraim Bull, on her unicycle. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram @whiskeyradish, on wordpress https://radishwoik.blog/, and at www.whiskeyradish.com . Her first book, Sam Cat Goes to the Jungle: Love and War in the Time of Ulysses can be found at The Grolier Poetry Bookshop in Harvard Square.

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