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Penteract Press is a publisher of experimental poetry leaflets and chapbooks. Our focus is on exploring the structural properties of poetry—in particular, the relationship between content and form. To this end, we aim to promote innovations in literary constraints and visual representations, as well as new uses of traditional verse forms.

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Submit to Penteract

Penteract Press is now open to submissions of manuscripts 40-70 pages in length. Full submissions criteria HERE.

We are still accepting submissions for new leaflets. Each poem, or suite of poems, should be no longer than one A4 page in length. Submit up to four poems, as a .pdf or .docx, to penteractpress@gmail.com. Please include a short description of your poetry, making specific mention of its relationship to form, structure or constraint.

We are also accepting submissions for a series of A8-size nanopamphlets. Please submit structure-based formal or constrained micro-poetry no longer than 200 characters, or up to 2 visual poems no larger than 40x60mm, to penteractpress@gmail.com.

Penteract Press guarantees a ten-day response time for accepted leaflets and nanopamphlets. Please note that, owing to the number of submissions we receive, only accepted works will be responded to.

Make a Donation to Penteract

We set up Penteract as a way of showcasing some of the most interesting experimental poetry available today. If you believe that this is worthwhile, why not consider making a small donation to help us continue our work?


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